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There are many different lending products in the market place today (though fewer than 4-5 years ago).  There are such loans as: an FHA loan, conventional financing, ARMs and others.  Realty Times wrote an article about ARMS to give you some better background when talking to your lender about you...
As some people are still underwater on their homes and want or need a larger home, is now the time to trade-up?  This really depends on your individual situation, but if you can afford to put money down, afford the larger monthly mortgage payment, and can take the hit by not making money or havin...
As many of do, we have more things in our homes than we really need or have room for, thus we rent storage units or even buy extra ones in condo buildings to store our extra stuff.  When thinking about putting your home on the market, it is very important to try to de-clutter and de-personalize y...
Searching for the right home can take some time, as can finding a lender getting the right loan, and getting all the paperwork lined up for settlement, when after all that hard work you become a home owner.  Many buyers do not always understand the charges they recieve on the HUD-1 statement at s...
here are many factors involved when deciding to purchase a new home, some pretty obvious others less so.  As a Realtor we are here to help, but ultimately it is the buyers decision on what factors really matter to them when deciding on which neighborhood to move to, which style house they want, h...
The lot at 10th Street N and Washington Blvd has finally started to seeing action after years of laying dormant and the tearing down of the CVS and Sulu Thai Restaurant that were previously on the site.  Garfield Park was slated to become a condo development, but was a victim of the housing bubbl...
In today's market place, one is seeing more and more hardwood floors vs carpet.  Installing hardwood floors is a bit more complex than many realize, so often it is best left to the professionals to do. Ask the Builder: Hardwood floors best left to the professionals   By Tim Carter Friday, Februar...
As Realtors we see many many homes, some updated and some not so updated, in addition to some sellers willing to update in order to get the most for their money and others who just want to sell their home as is, both work as there are buyers out there looking for both. However, todays buyer is a ...
The "fun" side of selling or buying a new home is moving and having to pack up everything you own or find storage for items.  There is more involved than many people think thus they underestimate how long it will take them to get everything boxed-up, moved and unpacked.  On the other hand some pe...
As a Realtor, I can not emphaize enough how much people need to stay on top of their credit scores and finances in order to purchase a home.  We (Realtors) are here to help assist you on your way to buying or selling your home, by answering questions or finding other professionals who are experts...

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