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Good morning all. This morning I have decided to re-start my blogging after several years off. Let’s face it the pandemic and subsequent changes in everyday functioning are my only excuse for the time off. The changes in the economy and specifically the interest rates have made real estate buying...
               What an amazing summer we have had here in the great Pacific Northwest.  The weather has been great, real estate has been moving and the Seahawks are playing!  Next comes school, fishing, the fair and oh ya, some maintenance on that biggest investment you likely own… your house.  I...
 What a great weekend of inspecting.  I hope everyone fared as well.  I had an opportunity to take a trip up to Seattle on Saturday to look at a condo on Lake Washington (and I mean it was on the lake).  The wind was blowing hard and the lake was angry but I had a great conversation with a friend...
 I can’t believe its October already.  Where has this year gone?  I swear summer started here only three weeks ago and now were right back into the rain, shorter days and lower temperatures.  With these fun changes come some maintenance items to think about.  Along with the pumpkins to carve, cor...
It is another rainy Monday morning here in the Pacific Northwest after a beautiful weekend of sun and pleasant temperatures. We here at the Sorensen household had two full days of gardening, sun-catching and barbequing. We loved it and enjoyed it to the fullest. It was everything we waited all w...
Has spring actually arrived? Well it seems that it has. The rain is warmer and seems to be falling a little less frequently and the other day I actually inspected a house in a polo shirt for the first time this year. The grass is growing, flowers blooming and our friends the Humming birds are bac...
It seemed as though the New Year was flat lining here at WestCoast but after several weeks of lack luster business it finally got off its butt.  This week was much better and has restored my faith in the Real Estate business despite the now hated banks best efforts.  Three times this past week th...
                                             I was reminded over and over the last couple of weeks how important a team is in business (or in life for that matter) to get things done.  It seems that more and more often these days everywhere you turn road blocks are going up.  The rules are changi...
Wow, what a week of wacky weather we had here in the great Pacific Northwest.  Wind and rain and earthquakes oh my.  The current weather situation and the threat of up coming freezing and snow had me out looking at my grandmothers house along with my own house along with all the other's that we l...
Yikes, it was an entire week of plumbing problems here at WestCoast Home Inspection.  Supply leaks, waste leaks and missing fixtures; "Oh My".   It is always interesting to see how folks decide to address plumbing issues or not address them as the case may be.  This week I was reminded over and o...

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