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I know it sounds crazy, but sales slumps are great for business! Let me qualify that…  If you have a Top Agent Mindset, sales slumps are great for business. For most agents they can be terrifying and financially devastating. Top Agents seem to have a resilience that appears to make them less susc...
“The other agent said they would do it for 1%.”“Bring me a buyer, and I’ll pay you 3%.”“Will you cut your commission?”“You don’t sell any homes in my neighborhood!”“I have a friend in the business.” Aren’t those the words of heartbreak for most agents?  Guess what?  They don’t have to be. Most ob...
You have leads!  But...  You haven’t called them back. So… You start to feel guilty. The guiltier you feel, the less likely you are to call. Then the less likely you are to call, the less likely you are to call. After awhile you decide this hot lead is stone cold. Why bother? And you never call b...
Get ready to have your mind blown. Everything you think objection handling masters do is about to be challenged and thrown out the window. I am about to tell you, in fine detail, what actual objection handling masters focus on to become unstoppable with objections.  It isn’t what you think. There...
Those who fear it, vehemently oppose it.Those who embrace it, are some of the biggest agents in the business.Brian Buffini has built his career teaching people to avoid it.Mike Ferry, my father, is villainized for teaching it.It’s controversial.What is it?Prospecting!! I started teaching people h...
Betty Lou Bickbic has a lead and wants to call them back. But... her Accidental Business Partner, The Drunk Monkey, has other plans. Does she make the call?  
Real Estate coaching has the potential to create a windfall of commissions for you.  But getting yourself to do what your coach says is not easy for most and almost impossible for some.  Check it out...Picture this:  You hang up the phone.  You’re excited to do what your coach just taught you.  S...

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