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There are strategic steps to being great at prospecting.  I have capsulated these in what are called the seven F-words of prospecting. The 1st step is to Find:  We have to find a place to do the prospecting.  Finding a place is one of the biggest challenges in prospecting.  This place has to be q...
   This is an interesting article I found on Focus Publications.... Volume 12, Issue 38 For the week of October 13, 2008   A POSITIVE NOTE FROM A CREDIBLE SOURCE   There is a throng of under qualified prognosticators all too willing to give their two cents on how the economy is really doing and w...
Decisions Make All the DifferenceWith autumn and the start of school, there is fresh energy in the air. During the summer, the focus can be on vacation, enjoyment and celebration. But the crisp days of fall bring a sense of new beginnings, of renewed focus, and getting back to work. Vacations are...

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