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I just wanted to write a quick blog post regarding the site I found to do my virtual tours. The site is called I was very impressed with the ease of use and the price. You can also add the link to your tour to your facebook page, and that is free. The only charge is to link the tou...
Belmont, NC The Natural Beauty... Each season is a delight. Springtime begins a dogwood show, summertime delivers dense foliage to our numerous trees, and winter opens the door to cozy sweater weather. For those of you who are accustomed to heavy winter coats, you can pack those away for awhile. ...
You'll Love Living in Cramer Mountain...   ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT THE CRAMER MOUNTAIN NEIGHBORHOOD IS ITS LOCATION... On one of North Carolina's most breathtaking areas, wrapped in its own cocoon behind a guarded and gated entrance, a world away from the hustle and bustle with a secluded mo...
Wow! Where do I begin... I have been a top producing real estate in the Charlotte, NC region since 1994, and needed a reprieve. I once heard that great risks are greatly rewarded, and took it to heart. In October of 2008 I applied for and took a position to sell real estate with the leader of lux...
 When I first got into this business I heard another agent in my office say to his client first offer is typically the best offer. They just put their house on the market and got an offer in a couple of days. The problem was they felt it was too early to take it simply because they had a 90 day ...
We have truly become a society of immediate gratification. I remember growing up a big fan of music. On weekends, my mother would take me to the local mall, and I would use my hard earned allowance plus money earned delivering the newspaper to purchase records at the record store. Yes, I said rec...
Wow, what a year. All the media hype has scared many of the "good buyers" off. The truth of the matter is our region (Charlotte and Gaston County, NC) has not, I repeat not slowed down like the rest of the country. We are not smookin' hot (as my teen would say), but we are experiencing solid grow...
Virtual Tour or Virtual Bore? O.K., Ever heard the phrase you only get one chance to make a good first impression? I think some of us have forgotten. Take a good look at your photos. Are they dark or do they make the house look bright? Do they make the rooms appear large or do they barely cover t...

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