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Lisa Dunn is a Realtor in the Minneapolis St. Paul area who offers some thoughts for your review.
I haven't been at this blogging thing very long, Just long enough to have 100 posts on Active Rain. This is just long enough to know that blogging is where it's at!  In my short blogging history I've already been introduced to some extraordinary people and some very clever elder bloggers. This is...
During one of my brief periods away from Active Rain I took the time to work on a project that took me 4 years to get right.  I perfected my listing presentation.  After 4 years in the business this idea had been rattling around in my head.  I always left those listing presentation appointments w...
Being a great REALTOR is like riding a bike. When we first start, we all need some training wheels. It can be scary out there and you never know how many pot holes or sharp turns you'll encounter.  In fact, every time you get on the bike it's a new adventure. No two trips (clients) are the same, ...
If you haven't explored the Grand Rounds in Minneapolis, put it on your list of "must-do's" this summer. The Grand Rounds are 50 miles of paved bike and walking paths that essentialy make a circle around the city. There are seven by-way districts; i) dowtown/riverfront, ii) the Mississippi River,...
In the No Writer's Block Allowed Group Sarah Cooper  got us started on the "What keeps me sane" theme. I wrote about my little blog buddy, Bitsy, my senegal parrot. I thought it might be fun to start up another theme! I work with some really exceptional REALTORs and everyone of them find time to ...
I met with a first time home owner last week, I"ll call her Amy.Amy was approved for a loan from $130,000-$150,000.  She's more comfortable with the monthly payment at $130,000.  She has a friend who is selling a home and once the home is sold (in this market that could be one month from now, or ...
I read a post by James Holmes today about the New HGTV series which is a real estate reality show. What if Active Rain got it's own reality TV show? Perhaps a little community made up of our favorite AR characters.  With this colorful group of characters there's no telling the trouble they could ...
This is Bitsy. She's an 18 month old Senegal parrot. While I'm blogging I often let her sit and my desk and join me.   When she's ready for my attention she hops onto the keyboard to type a little letter. Here are a few of the lessons she has to keep teaching me because I can be a little slow...D...
Within a 12 hour period I had two separate clients stopped in their tracks due to the changes in the market over the last 14 months. They can't get what they want because there is no equity in the house to make it happen.First, there's Sarah. She finds a condominium in Minneapolis she'd like to b...
Last year I often scratched my head and wondered why my business had gotten so difficult all of a sudden. It was like that.. "all of a sudden".  Today I heard an explanation that made so much sense I had to sit down and tell you about it. One of the Senior Vice Presidents at my brokerage called i...

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Lisa Dunn is a Realtor in the Minneapolis St. Paul area who offers some thoughts for your review.