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Lisa Dunn is a Realtor in the Minneapolis St. Paul area who offers some thoughts for your review.
I've tried to duck under tables, hide behind closed doors, and cower in dark corners. No matter where I've tried to hide myself, the foreclosures and short sales have found me. I've done my best to conquer the demon and have gone to classes, and studied under agents who specialize in these kinds...
    The last couple of days it's been like watching an exciting auctioneer. Except he's counting backwards and no one knows when he'll stop. 6.75%...6.5%...6%....6.5%...5.0%...6.5%....4.5%...and on and on we go. Monica Tucker told me rates were so volatile yesterday that Wells Fargo wasn't even w...
Open a paper, turn on the TV, or while you're surfing the internet you'll see an article about real estate. Everyone has a prediction about when the real estate market will turn around and no one seems to agree. Let me introduce you to my simple math: In areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul we have ...
 I have a quick quiz for you to take and I hope you'll leave some feedback.  Here's the dilemma:Let's say you go to Target to buy a shirt. The sales tag says the price is $50. You hand the clerk behind the register $50. When the sales clerk scans the sales tag, the price comes up as $25. There th...
I continue to have opportunities opening up to me thanks to first learning how to blog at ActiveRain in November of 2006.  I've been working hard on my other blog (Real Sage Advice) where I address senior housing and aging issues.  Because of those efforts I've just recently been given my own lit...
This is completely off topic, but I just have to share it. You can see the original post at RealSageAdvice-my other blog where I talk about senior housing and aging issues. Jay Leno featured The Zimmers on the Tonight Show last night.  Here they are in all their glory, the oldest rock band in the...
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote "The Song of Hiawatha" which is where many of the nomenclatures of the East Nokomis Neighborhood come from. I learned about this while snooping around on the Nokomis Neighborhood website.  It referenced the poem, but didn't tell me much about it. You can see the o...
Being a REALTOR who blogs somehow seems to force me out of my shell. I've started to carry my camera with me everywhere so I can make a point to grab pictures of the amenities of my neighborhood in Minneapolis. I love the Longfellow Nokomis area. There's SO much to write about! I've driven by the...
 It's very common in the Twin Cities market for first time home buyers to ask sellers to pay for some of the buyer's closing costs. Today's buyers may have "A" credit, have a good job, and a good lender, but they have trouble coming up with enough money to pay all of the closing fees to get into ...
I love gadgets and technology. I enjoy spending time on my website, blogging and producing my own virtual tours. I enjoy going to listing presentations and telling prospective clients I have an internet marketing STRATEGY not just a website. Our regional MLS in the Twin Cities allows 10 pictures ...

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Lisa Dunn is a Realtor in the Minneapolis St. Paul area who offers some thoughts for your review.