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I was reviewing news and posts this morning when I cam across this article;  Proposal would restrict who could be called a paralegal Do you realize how many lawyers/attorneys/lawfirms call their empl...
Take your short sale negotiator with you to your listing appointment!   No, I'm not crazy.  I have been asked by Realtors to go with them to a listing appointment to discuss the short sale process with the Seller(s) and have been more than willing to do this. Not only does it create a relationshi...
We have been advocating that Buyer's and Buyer's Realtors should have some input on the short sale negotiator selection and wanted to take just a minute to say a little more about this topic. When you and your Buyer and sitting down to write your offer, have you even considered that you can sugge...
I've been asked before "what makes a good negotiator?" and my answer is actually rather simple.   Top 5 Negotiator traits in handling short sales 1. PATIENCE 2. DETERMINATION 3. FLEXIBILITY 4. BULLDOG AGGRESSIVENESS (when needed) 5. EFFICIENCY 6. Did I mention Patience? (hold music can be harsh!)...
I was reading Yahoo news yesterday and reviewed this article; It claims that Florida's vacancy rate is near 20%.  They even go so far as to point out some individual county vacancy rates. Sarasota County is stated at  2...
What do you call a mega bank who, just coming off robo-signing scandal issues, pays its CEO $17.56 million in compensation in 2010? The official answer is Wells Fargo. The more realistic answer is CLUELESS. Is there a CEO on the planet worth that kind of money? Can I get h-e-l-l no! So why would ...
If you haven't heard about the Third District Court of Appeals case in Florida for Habeeb v. Linder, then perhaps you should investigate further. Florida Trusts & Estates, 2nd article on the page; or Judicial View;
Certain charges on the HUD-1 closing statement are fixed and can not be adjusted. Others - well lets just say its all up for discussion shall we! Get to know your title agent, get to know your title charges.  Educate yourself and educate your client. Saving them money by knowing the basics can he...
In negotiating short sales between Sellers (borrowers) and Lenders I have found that one of the more successful "tricks of the trade" is to ensure that when it comes time for the valuation/BPO/Appraisal process through the Sellers lender that having the Listing Realtor present is the most effecti...
I was reading an article this morning about the 5 questions a Realtor should ask a Short Sale Buyer and number 4 specified that Realtors should ask their short sale buyer if they are prepared to NOT be in control! They made some interesting points, and I wanted to share this with everyone! See th...

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