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After hearing months of market speculation from "experts" about the current condition of the real estate market it got me thinking, is real estate one of the few recession-proof businesses? I guess it all depends on who you ask. When the market starts to trend downwards an/or crash there seems to...
When I realized I wanted to get into real estate as a career I did not realize how freeing it would be. I say this from experience, I am the kind of person who likes freedom. I am not talking about being able to work 10 hours a week and spend the rest of the time in the Bahamas drinking Pina Cola...
No one told me how distracted I'd be when I got into real estate and it is not just social media to blame. I get hundreds of calls and emails every week from companies trying to sell me leads, the "easy way to farm fsbos", and so on. It is overwhelming. As a Realtor, the shiny objects that are ou...
"You're in real estate? You must be seeing some nice paydays!". "Oh, you are probably making that coin huh?". What is funny is for a business with such a high turnover rate, real estate agents often hear the misconception that everyone who joins the business suddenly becomes a millionaire over ni...

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