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  FHA Mortgage Allows Non-Occupying Co-Borrowers A Co-Borrower on many Conventional Loans must state that the Co-Borrower occupy the property therefore eliminating parents trying to co-sign on a deal because they want to reside in their current residence. FHA Mortgages allows a Non-Occupying Co-...
The Power of Google Seems like Google is everywhere nowadays and I recently had a chance to try out another FREE service they provide.  The service is called Goog-411 and is meant to provide a free alternative to 411 services. 411 Madness We all hate paying the 411 Service Charge Fees normally a...
Well its no suprise to the Blogosphere that memeds have been creating an online buzz of chained questionaires.  Its like doing the wave at a baseball game where you pass it on to people.  I must admit I been on the blogosphere quite some time but never thought I get one...so I thought it would be...
  With the increase in FHA production in the last few months, there has been a lot of confusion on seasoning issues.  With the market being a great investment for investors wishing to buy and sell houses, theres a major factor that gets overlooked many times. Please arm yourself with knowledge s...
  Fresh New Start After A Bankruptcy Just because you filed for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, doesn't mean that all hope is lost. Yes! You can obtain a Chapter 13 Refinance utilizing a Bankruptcy Buyout putting all your worries behind you. Nobody is perfect and many homeowners file for a Chapter 13 f...
  Quick Market SnapShot in the 757 As you can see in the Demographic Stats above for the Virginia Beach Area, the numbers has it's Pros and Cons. Pro We are not in a Declining Market compared to the rest of the Nation and even our brothers and sisters up North in Virginia.  Having a 0.9 Ratio in...
A Client called me up today wanting to refinance with cash out.  I asked the client what the purpose is for the addtional cash. She had replied that she is very nervous and excited about adding a new addition to the family.  I was thinking well she must be pregnant but to my surprise the new addi...
Need to tap into your Rental property? Investment Properties are hotter than ever with all the current Short Sales anf Foreclosures going in the market.  So now that you captured a rental property and are utilizing a stable rental income for quite some time now, it has come to attention than an u...
The Website: I came across this hot upcoming start up website made specifically for Investors, Realtors and Brokers.  It has the unique feel of simplicity like most successful giants in the dot come world currently possess like Google.com.  Don't let the simplicity fool you though, it packs a mea...
Zen in Homeownership Becoming a homeowner is the the biggest American Dream there is. Homeownership has great benefits. Homeownership also comes with certain responsibilities.We are in a time that people became too hasty and rushed in the home buyers market without thinking ahead of the percussio...

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