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  In these times of creative financing again, we are now offering No Income Verification JUMBO Loans. If you have a client that is self-employed, or if you are THE client that is self-employed, and have some good assets, this is the product for you! I encourage you to check this out as a bonafie...
VA Loans is one of the best products we have. The reason I feel that way is because the men and women that serve our great country are some of the most special people around. They deserve a special product to purchase a home and VA Loans provide them that opportunity. We have taken it one step fa...
Is Divorce good for business is a question that many of us have pondered over the years. I for one am not willing to answer this divorce question myself. I will leave this question for all of you. The video below will help to give you just a little clarity. Remember, I am definitely not advocatin...
 Real Estate Agents Only: It's time to start your Business planning. This week we are going to have two awesome guests to help you with your Social Media Marketing Plans for 2014. Jessica Peterson and Rebekah Radice, two superstars when it comes to knowledge. You DO NOT want to miss this class! G...
A Real Estate Agent sometimes has a thankless job. We often don't realize all the things they might go through to appease their clientele. A Real Estate Agent seems to always be available when needed, give great advice, push through the tough times, and basically be a trooper when it comes to hum...
Real Estate Agents are truly hard working individuals and totally deserve respect for what they do. The problem, most of the times Real Estate Agents have to deal with a lot of unneccesary issues from their clients. But in the end they have to keep a straight face, just smile and ultimately go wi...
    America will celebrate Veterans Day on Monday, November 11th this year, and many local restaurants and restaurant chains will be offering discounts and free meals to veterans and active duty military in appreciation for their service. To help get the word out, we rounded up a huge list of the...
      I had a friend that recently attended a Maroon 5 concert. (By the way I must admit I do love me some Adam Levine) She mentioned that all the people around her were using Zippo Lighter phone apps during one of the songs. Whatever happened to the days of real lighters? I guess these days, th...
You don't want to miss this class.We are going to cover the 12 rules for successwith Real Estate expert Todd Bates. Todd has some nice handouts but youmust attend the class to get them. Click on picture to join...

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