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Yesterday the Pew Research Center published an article:The American Middle Class Is Losing Groundshowing the middle class in our country is now NOT the largest class of people in this country.  To be considered middle class your average income would need to be between $42,000.00-$126,000.00 for a...
With the 2015 year coming to an end, I wanted to remind everyone that our mortgage refinance promotion ends on 12/31/2015.  Anyone who has an application turned in before this date will be elgible to still close on the promotional pricing into the new year.  If you know anyone in California or Ar...
Starboard Financial is one of the few mortgage lenders out there still offering escrow holdbacks!  What exactly is mini-escrow holdback?:  A mini-escrow holdback is when the lender will allow funds to be held back from the closing table to deal with an issue, such as a home repair without delayin...
Thanks Matt for sharing, We the longterm rate unchanged, it should put some buyers at ease for the next few weeks.  The FOMC left the federal funds rate unchanged as anticipated by the market. Ms Yellen also signaled she would raise the rate a .25 point as soon as the committee felt inflation was...
Our refinance promotion is one of the best in the business and has been for this entire year.  We have extended this promotion to the end of the year.  If you know anyone in California or Arizona who would like to take advantage of this, have them give me a call. 
I have noticed a pattern that sales people hate being rejected.  I have been selling mortgages for 10 years now and I hate rejection as much as the next guy.  But I am curious out there in A/R World about how you handle rejection.  Is it me or do most sales people handle the rejection part of a s...
    Current Promotion: Starboard Financial is currently running our special S.O.S. Promotion.  This promotion waives all of our processing and underwriting costs ($1,390 Savings) on all refinances for a limited time through 4/30/2015. All refinance products; including streamline, rate/term, and ...
We are coming out of spring time and heading for the summer and many folks are curious about what is truly going on with Home prices, Interest Rates and the overall Market Conditions for real estate.     First of all let me disclose that, “I am NOT a licensed real estate agent”, so this informat...
We are funding mortgages during government with minor hiccups.  With minor issues with the possible full federal government shutdown, we are still helping homeowners with home purchases and refinances.  Yes there are some small issues, but overall it is business as usual.  The FAMP Government Aff...
A lot of folks have been inquiring on where home prices and mortgage rates are heading for the future and based on the information out there let me share what I have found.  On August 27, 2013, The S&P Down Jones Indices shared in their latest report of where home prices are heading.  (us.spindic...


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