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It's been a crazy month so far, with mortgage rates moving up one hour, and moving down the next. Today, the Federal Reserve announced that they were injecting another $200 billion to ease liquidity concerns.In non-financial jargon, this means that the Fed is making more cash available to banks, ...
So, you've decided to sell your home without the assistance of a REALTOR®, but how are you going to market it? Here are a couple of thoughts that I have on the subject...First, there are some great resources available to you at no cost. My company, for example, has the largest site that contains ...
One of the projects I have begun working on for clients is to compile data from their specific communities on their recent sales, current listings, and tracking the trends on home values. I have begun creating reports for specific areas in Orange County, and am customizing these reports based upo...
Lately there has been a lot of concern about properties being on the market for a longer period of time. Clients afraid of losing large amounts of home equity have been inquiring about what their homes would appraise for in today's market. This is why I have begun compiling data for my clients in...
I love reading, and thought it would be great to share with one another some of the books that have been beneficial to our careers. Please add on your suggestions! My recommendations:High Trust Selling by Todd Duncan The Starbucks Experience by Joseph MichelliTruth or Delusion? by Dr. Ivan Misner...

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