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My business partner, Rob Powell and I are in the process of creating an exciting new real estate investing blog at  This is one of the few blogs in the blog-o-sphere focusing on commercial real estate and we were recently named by The Real Estate Tomato one of the top t...
The Wall Street Journal recently ran a great article explaining how many stock investors were taking advantage of the depressed stock market by transferring stock shares while their values were low, thereby reducing their exposure to the 45% tax rate on gifts above $12,000, and allowing their hei...
Many of our clients are surprised to learn that despite the news on Wall Street about the troubles in the financial markets, banks are still lending on quality apartment buildings! Little known fact: - Marcus & Millichap has an in-house financing department called Capital Corporation. We loan our...
There's still reason for a positive outlook as we watch the stock market rise and fall like a gut-wrenching roller coaster and Americans hold their breath as they lose and re-gain millions in their stock portfolios. Never have I been so glad about my own diversified real estate investments as I h...
At our weekly training workshop last week, our broker taught us how to set up relationships with banks now so that we'll be prepared in the event that we start to see bank repo's and foreclosures rising like they did in the early 1990's.  A trend that might have previously been unthinkable in Sea...
Are you Earning What You Thought On Your Seattle Investment Property? I was stunned earlier this week to find that the average "Return On Equity" after taxes for the clients whose apartment buildings we have the opportuntiy to evaluate, was only 4% . We probably all agree that 4% is a pretty low ...
My firm, Marcus and Millichap, hosted a nationwide webcast last week to discuss the outlook for the retail sector for the next year or so.It was a great time to get more information, especially in the wake of the Lehman Brothers meltdown, AIG failure and Merrill Lynch buyout. The takeaway message...
The First Weeks On The Job I am so excited to be a commercial agent at Marcus & Millichap.  What I was told about the training process is correct!  They provide their new agents a LOT of training and support and our in-house resources help us serve our clients better than the competition. Here's ...
A Great Apartment Investing Team The way I got started investing in real estate was by taking some great training from a company called Mentor Financial Group, LLC. However, I quickly found that reading about something and DOING IT are very different things. In order to get started investing in ...
Real Estate Investor Clubs and public speaking events that target your potential clients can be a great way to build a devoted following who have a relationship with you, view you as an expert, and are willing to spend money based on your recommendations. Read On For More Tips About How You Can S...

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