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FHA's proposed rule changes were published in today's Federal Register regarding lender eligibility and net worth requirements. In addition FHA published a new mortgagee letter, ML 2009-50 and announced the 2010 FHA loan limits. There are 5 things everyone needs to know about the proposed changes...
  Governor Mike Huntsman finally signed into law the "Home Run Grant" that had passed the legislature last week.  By doing so, the State of Utah is providing $6,000.00 for the purchase of any never occipied home.  The grant can be used for down payment, for closing costs, or to buy down the rate...
Aside from the percieved invasion of privacy that Google may be perpetrating in its information gathering, I think they are amazing, from Google Docs to Gmail to iGoogle.  I may be behind the curve a bit, but I just found a cool way to keep track of any topic on the internet, where ever it may ar...
I love this country, I am an American! I spent 2 years in Brazil, I saw hyper-inflation first hand, I don't want any part of it. I am glad we have a system that can control things, but I am also leary of too much intervention and too much pork in my diet.   I suggest you check out... www.stimulus...
So, you are paying your mortgage...  what can this "bailout" do for you? Last week, Secretary Henry Paulson announced that the Federal Reserve Bank was going to purchase a large amount of Mortgage Backed Securities(MBS) to inject some much needed liquidity and capital to the banks holding these b...
According to the Milken Institute Provo-Orem has been rated the #1 Metro area for job growth in the entire USA.  That is great, the economy here is slowing just like it is all around the US, but it is nice to see that Provo/Orem is still creating jobs and having people move into the area.  Provo...
This morning I got an email from a great friend and colleague of mine aboiut the housing market in Texas, Mississippi, and Utah.  My friend is in Texas and Mississippi buying properties, getting a great deal, and doing a lot of good.  He knows those markets well.  Even though my friend has lived ...
Absolutly SOMETHING! Hu waaaaaaaah. What has happened to me, have I lost my desire to Blog, or am I one of the lucky few loan officers to still be busy and I don't have the time to chip away at the keyboard? I actually think it is a combination of the two.  I have been very busy on the loan side ...
The generous host of this blog, Active Rain, has given me the option of editing the comments, or not reposting the entire post, due to contact from a yet to be named source.  I do not have the time to go through 1200 comments and decide what needs to stay or go.I will once again re-itterate that ...
It has been a long time coming, and finally the State of Utah and the Utah Mortgage Fraud Task Force along with the Federal Government has made indictments against:  Bradley Kitchen of Provo, David Bolick of Sandy, Steve Cloward of Orem, Ron Clarke of Provo, Jeffery David Garrett of Provo and Reb...

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