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I created the Agent Bootcamp to help you Grow and be Profitable in 2017 starts this Monday... Here's the link for the FREE training: Join us for Step 1 -- Evaluating Your Real Estate Business & Discovering Your StrengthsMon, Dec 5, 2016 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Pacific Standard TimePlease join my meetin...
If you are like most people, then your parents probably have some extraordinary story about struggle. It usually begins with, “well, in my day” and ends with “you have it so easy!” Some walked five miles uphill in the snow each way to school, some had three jobs at age 12, and others found addres...
It’s that time of year again, to begin taking massive action towards achieving your 2017 goals. What critical business plan do you need to grow your Real Estate Empire... so you can multiply your income, delegate anything not aligned with your genius, and spend your time on what really matters to...
Have you ever really wanted to see a movie, but your sister told you to avoid it? She said it was horrible, boring and not to waste your money. But for some reason you went to see the movie anyway, and really enjoyed it. You enjoyed it so much, you almost felt a little annoyed at your sister for...
Picture yourself at a wedding… one for a rich distant cousin. There are people from every walk of life and it seems like every time you turn around there is a new person telling you a story about how they know the bride and groom. Your head is spinning looking for your seat. You’re slightly conf...
I've worked with Agents, Business Owners and Professions on creating success in tough times. Here's an online workshop I did to help Implement For Success.. My gift to you, enjoy. Watch the webcast here: http://ow.ly/5iJ6H 
Storytelling: A Tool to Engage and Align Employees June 30 2011 by Bill Baker Corporate vision, brand positioning and employee engagement are standard objectives of any company undertaking a large-scale strategic planning effort. Too often, however, the bulk of energy is spent on the vision and ...
All too often, companies unintentionally create their own worst crises. With a little awareness of your organizational DNA, you can avoid that fate. Eric Kronenberg from Business Strategy explains why. Read Eric Kronenberg’s commentary here:  http://www.intellimodus.com/uncategorized/business-dis...
Limiting beliefs cause people to get stuck, to stop and start a lot, it tends to hold people back the most.   Do you want to change your beliefs from ordinary to extraordinary? Check out www.mickeyobrien.com
One of the most mysterious elements involved in helping change a company’s culture is the strong influence that people’s emotions have in the workplace. Everybody brings their emotions to work. You bring your brain to work…. you bring your emotions to work. Feelings drive performance. They drive...

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