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Desert Sun Home and Commercial inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico 88220 is a full service inspection and Risk Management company. We specialize in Residential and commercial inspections. And offer a PDF report with pictures, Recallchek and a 90 day warranty with all full home inspections. 1-575-706-5586 Call Clint McKie Today.
Jack Frost visits Carlsbad New Mexico. It has really been cold here in Carlsbad New Mexico. Jack frost paid us a visit and left all kinds of his handy work around the county and most of the state. Take a look at what I found when I was heading out to a home inspection in Artesia New Mexico. Take ...
Furnace install, trust but verify inspection. Desert Sun Inspections. When the sellers of this home was in the process of having the furnace replaced. They called and had a reputable company come in and do the new furnace install. This should have been the best way to go right? Just because you t...
Commercial inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico. Desert Sun Inspections. There is usually five inspections minimum for a commercial inspection. 1. A site inspection and grading of the site. 2. Underground utilities and foundations. 3. Concrete foundations and slabs. Building erection. Site prep for...
Pre listing inspection in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Desert Sun Home Insp. A pre listing inspection is a very good way to go for the seller. In many cases when inspecting homes there are issues that the buyers want to have resolved before they close on the home. That is why a Pre listing Inspection is...
Home loans and draw inspections. Desert Sun Inspections in Carlsbad NM This is a continued post about home loan draw inspections. Many times the home owner wants to get the money without having the proper amount of work being completed. There are a lot of times the contractor put pressure on the ...
It was a little early for this draw inspection. Desert Sun Inspections Carlsbad New Mexico. When i get the call for an inspection I just get the inspection scheduled and don't question of the home owners are ready. When I was contacted about this draw inspection for a home loan I simply called th...
And there are MOLD issues. Desert Sun Inspections Carlsbad, New Mexico. When getting a home inspection in Southeast New Mexico. Many times I hear from the buyer that they are concerned about a certain place in the home that may or may not have a mold issue. I listen intently when I am talking to ...
Home improvement loans, Desert Sun Inspections Carlsbad New Mexico. More and more home owners are remodeling their homes. Some for re sale next year and some for the upgrades. Even these types of construction loans need to be verified by an independent party. That's where Desert Sun Inspections c...
Capping the wood stove stack. Really? A redneck approach. There I was in the back yard when I saw the neighbor out and about in their backyard. I said hello and told him that there was rain and snow on the way. He said he had heard about the incoming storm and said he wasn't worried. I told him h...
Trees are great for a home. But they do cause issues. Keep trimmed. Having trees around the home is a really good way to help keep the heating and cooling costs lower. Especially here in New Mexico. Shade sells. But when the trees get grown and the limbs want to go places they are or were not mea...

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