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Here are some reasons why --  I live in Cozumel after 35 years of selling real estate.  So I needed health insurance and got my quote from for Mexico.  I'm 54 and will pay for near full coverage $1,000 a year.  It does include insurance up to 2 million a...
So, not new for Cozumel but the Donald is back -   It appears that a deal with the local administration and the Federal Govenment will bring in a large development to Cozumel.  Watch for details!
So those of you who are interested in investing in Mexico, perferrably Cozumel with my writing about the tourism, What Recession with a record number of tourists arriving ever day (how refreshing!) then here is a great link to a professional firm doing business in all of Mexico http://www.mexicol...
Just in - News about Cruise Ships in Cozumel Mexico While the cruisers received in the ports of Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Calica were 300 thousand cruise passengers less than in 2007, in Puerto Morelos the arrival of cruise ships registered a 65 percent increase in comparison with the number ...
and I quote..... "My wife and I found your website on Google and we Are going to Cozumel the 12th thru the 15th to look for Property to buy. We have been there about 6 times For various vacations (as well as Playa Del Carmen and Cancun). We know that the peso is down against the dollar and there ...
Cozumel Mexico Blog       There are a number of buyers coming to Cozumel looking to buy a second home in Cozumel Mexico and I have several appointments after giving updates on the MLS or Multiple Lising Service  in Cozumel.  I blog about this as there are competitiors like Re/max, Cozumel Living...
We´re Baaaack! Up to now a total of 905 tourist cruisers have arrived at the island. The numbers indicate that the island of Cozumel has the possibilities this year to break the mark of the two and one-half million passengers attended in the port, with which we would have recovered the industry ...
So,  Did someone say Recession?  -  Well, in Mexico the door is open for financing, cost of living less than 1/2 of the expenses in the US..  When do You plan on Moving?   PRESS RELEASE ConfiCasa Mortgage International Opens a Division in Manzanillo, Mexico Conti...
 Did Someone Say Recession?  Invest in Cozumel!  The hotel occupation in Cozumel jumped more than ten percentage points with respect to last week as a consequence of the "Thanksgiving Day" holidays that marks the last "long weekend" in the United States before the Christmas & year end holidays; t...
If so....  why, then -  is this happening where I live... Cozumel Mexico and sell real estate - AND this is a slow week - last year we had as many as 17 in ONE day!    now look at my postings on the 'cost of living'  and see why so many are moving to Mexico!    There will arrive in the first week...

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