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Over the past 18 months I've often written articles about first time buyers. They are truly the most rewarding clients to work with, for me, because I often relate to them in several ways. The ability of an agent to relate to their client, I feel, is important. Sure I can work with a buyer or sel...
No, the tax credit is not just for first time buyers anymore! I still hear people asking about this tax credit and confused over who qualifies and who doesn't. Move up buyers purchasing a primary home can qualify too, up to $6500. The IRS site will explain in detail the qualification requirements...
If anyone has ever taken a few moments to read the City-Data nationwide forum, it's particularly interesting conversation. Often those who post are looking for information about a region from the local folks in that town or state. Conversations tend to be pulled strongly in one direction or the n...
December 19th 28 Owens Drive , Unit 50, Swanzey            10:00-12:00         December 20th 28 Owens Drive, Unit 50 , Swanzey             11:00-1:00       
One year ago I posted about my success with getting my first website started up using Realtysoft. I listed my reasons for choosing them and, since them, have gone ahead and renewed for another year with Realtysoft.  I can now list my reasons for sticking with them, which are more elaborate then m...
I use the Flip Mino camera and now that I've played around with it a bit I'm looking for some advice from others who use videos and Youtube.  My question is about where to get music for my videos. The Flip comes with a few songs to select from and Youtube also offers music choices. Is there a pla...
I finally took the time to manage my Twitter Lists. What a defining moment it was, surprisingly. After accumulating 330 followers I decided it was really time to categorize my followers into themes of interest. I only follow people whose posts were of interest to me in the first place, it's not a...
You will sell less than asking price in most cases, but expect to get closer to fair market value for your home!  The fair market value is the price at which a knowledgable, willing, unpressured buyer would pay to a knowledgable, willing, unpressured seller (according to Wikipedia).  In this mark...
Someone just introduced me to pomegranate seeds and mmm I've got great ideas for serving this fruit on Thanksgiving! After trying it I'm realized it's going to go right into my cranberry-gargonzola salad for Thanksgiving. I'm going to keep my real estate blog light today and focus on my other fav...
This morning I received an email with a link to send a holiday card to a US soldier overseas.  It was quick and easy and is a nice representation of my feelings towards what another human is doing for their country, for us.  If you would like to Send Thanks Overseas to remember those who are figh...

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