In a word, Marloes ten Kate teaches excitement. In particular, through her company Scientific Storytelling, she teaches people how to translate difficult, data-rich content into structures which people can easily understand - stories. Her primary clients are scientists, and her unique set of skil...
Another month, another video book review. One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Dr. Robert Maurer. Another book which contributed to my webinar Find and Honor Your Organizing Style (& Then It's About the Stuff).  
Click on the title ADD is ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life by Judith Kolberg and Kathleen Nadeau to see my video review of one of the best books ever for people with ADD.
Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping it Human, conversed with David Chislett for her segment of the Playful Creative Summit. Klotz-Guest didn't offer a "draw a monster" or "have a thumb war" tip. She did speak about business culture, and the measurable fact that older and younger generations of ...
Untold Play, Terry Pearce's company, is his vehicle for teaching that games can help people learn. Now, from my perspective, anyone who's had her 10-year-old genuinely beat her at ANYTHING from Monopoly to Go Fish knows that games can help people encounter and practice and master all sorts of ski...
I used to live in a neighborhood where feckless hot air balloon tour operators routinely tried to tear the roofs off of houses. My son and I made a sport of chasing them to see where they'd land. You could never plan chasing a balloon: those flights are always subject to the whims of the wind and...
So I get an inquiry from a San Juan client. Don't recognize the phone number. We have the San Juan Islands archipelago. There's a San Juan Island. Answer the question, and offer some date/time options for a first conversation. Get the reply "Hi Lauren! Thanks for your prompt response. I imagine t...
Annemarie Steen has the COOLEST quotes about playfulness on her website that I've ever seen: In an hour of PLAY, you learn more about a person than in a year of conversation (Plato)Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun (Albert Einstein)   And then I knew that her Playful Creative Summit conversat...
A plea to the overly-ambitiousMy client cancelled 1/2 hour before the appointment. I'd already been traveling for 1/2 hour, was 1/2 way there, in such heavy rain I didn't feel quite safe. My client's cancellation was extremely reasonable: s/he'd had a medical procedure the day before and was stil...
Rosie di Lecce, Writing with Rosie, was speaking to business owners during her Playful Creative Summit interview with David Chislett. She helps them write marketing copy that will accurately explain and bring awareness of the value of their products and themselves to their customers. As I listene...

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