I will be starting a virtual Buried in Treasures support group in January 2024. Please email me at or call me at 425-947-3976 for details.• Does your stuff overwhelm you?• Is it kinda easy to bring it into your spaces, and kinda hard to let it go?• Do you want to thi...
Marnie Cooper is in recovery from hoarding disorder. She's worked with Dr. Randy O. Frost for a very long time, and bravely captures her challenges and conquests as cinema verite, vignette videos which she shares on Facebook and YouTube  with the title A Hoarder Comes Clean. I adore her sense of ...
The alarm flashed across my phone from one of those news consolidation sites that you sign up for without even knowing. "300% increase in hoarding!!!" That caught my attention.So I tried to read the lines. I used to be a professional researcher, I can find ANYTHING. There is no documented 300% ri...
OHMIUNIVERSE. A play for me and my peeps. And our neighbors, our clients, our friends and families. If I was back home in my NYC, I might be trying to be in the seats every night.Roundabout Theatre Company Danny DeVito I Need That 
Playful Creative Summits will be no more, fabulous though they were. David Chislett and Alyea Sandovar, the mad genius innovators and motivators behind the Summits, had to admit their efforts were exhilarating, electrifying and exhausting. I will miss the magic: woefully, I didn't manage to trans...
Timeless, obsolete, excruciating, loving, required viewing - Packrat is a 2003 movie co-produced by Kris Britt Montag and Jessica Jennings, the two of them friends and adult children of fathers with (probable) hoarding disorder.Timeless because despite the film's age, when research into hoarding ...
In 2018, I posted about feeding Christmas trees to goats, which is now my favorite way EVER of disposing of Christmas trees. And now I get to urge people to dispose of landscape trimmings by bringing them to PAWS Wildlife Center, a rehabilitation agency currently in Lynnwood and moving to Snohomi...
Apologies. Life. I haven't posted since June 15. Illness off-and-on. The weather. A family member who's needed support. Some super-special, super-tiring clients. Being part of the team which converted my National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals chapter from a Seattle-base...
🍁🌺🌻🌷🌺🌼💐🏵💮 With your generous, thoughtful, very very kind encouragement, I'll be presenting my hoarding talk to colleagues of yours in Iowa the end of this month, others in Vermont in August and who knows what next year holds. I also found the courage to offer it to other affected professionals, a...
Last chance on Saturday June 17 to see my adopted softball team the Puget Sound Pronouns play FOR KEEPS!! They're at 9 wins and 10 losses and they want to pull ahead. Go cheer them on at North SeaTac Park (NST 2), SeaTac, 9:00AM. I'm going to my first drag show EVER at the celebrated Julia's on B...

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