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The only time you can see the bottom of the market is 3 to 4 months ahead of when it actually hit and look back and say Wow...there it was... I'm afraid everyone waiting around for the bottomĀ are going to be kicking themselves in June or July and wishing they made the move sooner. Stimulus packag...
That should give all the buyers out there that are sitting on the fence an excuse to jump right into this market. We need the likes of the big media companys to start touting that the bottom is here and gone and its time to get out there and buy, buy, buy!!!!
With all the "doom and gloom" out there on the news media no one is concentrating on what a GREAT time it is to be buying a home!!! Over the past few years buyers have been sitting on the fence just waiting till the time was right to get into the market. Well NOW is that time! The deals out there...

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