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The number of bank owned single-family homes listed in the northwest suburbs of Chicago jumped to record levels in the third week of September 2013. According to the MLS of northwest Chicago area, 40 single family houses were listed or relisted *. There were 24 new listings, 6 price reductions an...
Do you remember September 2010? What started a few weeks earlier as a curious case of one bank employee who admitted he used to approve thousands of foreclosure cases every month without even reading most of them, turned into a nationwide scandal involving hundreds of thousands of homes in the pr...
Times are tough, we all know that. Times are even tougher when it comes to selling a home. Huge inventory, cut-throat pricing, scarce buyers... Naturally some may think they can practically steal some of the least desirable homes around - bank owned/impenetrable/foreclosures. Not so fast... Yes, ...
In the second week of February 2011, 40 single family, bank owned homes were either listed or re-listed in the northwest Chicago area MLS. It was 25% increase in foreclosure activity compared to previous week. There were 12 new foreclosed houses listed, 24 price reductions and 4 homes were re-lis...
By: Peter Kedzior, REO Specialist | Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage | Arlington Heights, Illinois | What started as a curious case of one bank employee who admitted he used to approve thousands of foreclosure cases every month without even reading most of them, now turn...
The most recent S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price index that was released today, provides long-awaited positive news about U.S housing market. Countrywide, home prices went up 3.6% in 2009. The last available data for second quarter of 2010 also show a substantial increase in home values at 4.4% over t...
What recently have you done to speed up the economic recovery? Yes - I mean you. Each and every of us needs to do our part. Mostly, by spending money. The big problem with getting out of the current recession is that so many people decided not to spend their money on things that move the economy ...
More wealthy (or at least appearing to be) people abandon their "McMansions" and let banks foreclose on them. Foreclosures are not "poor man's problem" anymore. The number of high-end properties ending up in foreclosure is on the rise. Take for an example 102 Longmeadow in Winnetka: 6 bedrooms, 7...
Mortgage rates remain low for the third week. Instead of cheering the lower than low APR, one would question how sustainable is this trend? Nobody truly believes these rates are dictated by real market forces? Like current demand for mortgages, amount of capital available for lending etc. The fac...
The job market figures so anxiously expected, turned out to be a big disappointment. The Federeal Government reported that U.S. employers added 431,000 new jobs in May but 411,000 of them were temporary Census 2010 positions, usually lasting only 2 weeks. It means that private sector added only ...

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