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By Teresa McDonald, ABR, Florence and Lake City SC Real Estate
(EME Realty)
Scrantons's Schoolhouse Bar-B-Que offers some of the best food to be found. It is in Florence County in a historical setting. This popular restaurant opened in 1994 in Scranton, SC in a schoolhouse built in the 1930's during the Great Depression. Howell has added on several times due to his growing business and now has a seating capacity of 350. So if you want some good ole southern barbeque or fried chicken leave  church a little early on Sunday because the crowd will be gathering for their Sunday dinner and the line is always back out the door. The sign is a replica of the actual building which Howell has decorated with a lot tins to lend to the rustic atmosphere. So see what the buzz is all about in Scranton Thursday - Sunday at the Schoolhouse Bar-B-Que.
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