Mt Air (Worthington, OH)
By Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate
(HER Realtors)
Do you say MT Air or Mount Air?  or Mt Air   The sign on Olentangy River Road says "MT AIR"  and Google Maps says "Mt Air." MT AIR or Mount Air is pretty little place on the map in northern Franklin County. It is just west of the Olentangy River, on 315 but this is the gorgeous scenic Route 315 north of 270... When I moved to Columbus the Mt Air swimming pool was on the east side of the road.  The Mount Air Place condos must be where the swimming pool was.   The condo sign says "Mount Air" I believe I was told Mt Air was developed as a vacation area?  Mt Air has the itty bitty lots like Shawnee Hills, the houses are on a number of lots. Looking at a "cottage" that sold a few years ago it is on 4 lots and it gives lot size as 35' x 86'... that has to be just one of the four. Mt Air is in...
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