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By Jean Singleton, Specializing in Your Special Needs
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It's Altamont Fair Week!I grew up in Altamont, and can still remember how the Town transformed every August from a quiet, slow moving little homey place with one main road running through it - into a swarming mass of people and un-ending traffic.  You pretty much skipped running any of your normal errands that week. I can almost smell the sweet cotton candy, and the sharp pungent smell of the rides, even now. This year's Altamont Fair $15 ticket is all inclusive: Admission and unlimited rides and attractions - and today (Wednesday) is FREE for Seniors who arrive before 4pm. The Altamont Fair has been entertaining families since 1893!  If you haven't been there recently - it's time to take your turn.  (The traffic is worth it to see you're kid's smiles).
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