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By Tracy Caywood
(Caywood Realty, LLC.)
I'm excited to say that I'm new to the property management arena.  Though I've been in the real estate business for nearly 10 years, I like to put myself in a place where the people need me. With the economy in the condition that it's in, I realize that alot of owners are losing their homes to foreclosure and will need a place to live. With damaged credit, it will be difficult for them to purchase again, and they probably won't have a desire to own again until the scars heal.  So I'll be there to help them into a new place that they can call home unti they can get back on their feet. I'm also on a mission to help the homeowner save their position in the biggest asset of their life by creating a cash flow on their property that they may otherwise not know what to do with it. Any thoughts...
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By Ronda Densford, Realtor - Jacksonville and Northeast Florida
(Magnolia Properties)
We continue to put up with the remnants of Fay today. We spent the entire day cleaning up the debris she left behind. I took this picture yesterday and I think you get the idea...we had way too much rain for the streets in Jax Beach to handle. Things are slowly getting back to normal now.
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By Michelle Knight
(Vanguard Realty Inc.)
The City of Atlantic Beach is a small seaside community and a great place to call home. It is located in northeast Florida just east of Jacksonville and is surrounded by natural beauty: a pristine beach to the east and the Intracoastal Waterway to the west. Atlantic Beach offers fabulous weather, parks and preserves, year round enjoyment for the outdoor enthusiast as well as a small yet lively Town Center with fine shopping, dining and night life.  To the west lies the City of Jacksonville with it's amazing array of ammenities including professional sport teams, theater, the Jacksonville Symphony, a plethora of art galleries, an airport, universities and colleges and so much more.  Atlantic Beach is a bedroom community with access to big-city ammenities.I live in Atlantic Beach and I lo...
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