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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
ROBERT (Vegas Bob) SWETZ  -  8:00 PM  -  Public http://youtu.be/62jaJKptjYMVegas Bob had a terrible Monday morning with networking, but after viewing this video and winding down I am doing alright.This wonderful video was taken at a summit in the Sierras on the north side of Lake Tahoe. All of these yellow flowers in the video are wild and the song is in Burmese, you may not know what the words of the song are but with the background it is quite beautiful.Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz 8-15-2011 Nu Nu Myanmar Singing Lake Tahoe Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz 8-6-2011 youtube.com – 62 videos YouTube - VideosByVegasBob Channel: youtube.com Lake Tahoe Nevada Beach and it's beauty ... - 1 min 30 sec Lake Las Vegas Nevada by Robert (...
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    I was viewing some of my photographs that I have taken in the last several days of our vacation at Lake Tahoe, and when I came across this photo I couldn't believe my eyes.  Nu Nu and Sherry were sitting on this HUGE rock down by shore with their feet soaking in the cool clear waters. When I looked down at them with the view of the lake, the clear aqua-blue waters I could not help but snap a photo.  We are headed to the beach now to ride wet-bikes because the mornings on the lake are usually calm, and like glass. Lake Tahoe Nevada Beach and it's beauty by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz travel2vegasnow.com/.../lake_tahoe_nevada_beach_and_its_beauty... - Cached 1 day ago – Paddling on Surf Boards at Lake Tahoe by Robert Swetz 9-5-2010 … www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM9oeALpWvA 1 min – Sep 17, 20...
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   "Good Morning" Activerain and there more than one way to view (Lake Tahoe)    There are many different ways of traveling (Lake Tahoe) and looking at the beautiful scenery and the huge paddle boat in the photo (above) in just one of them. The MS DIXIE ll is docked at Emerald Bay at (Lake Tahoe) and there are boat tours from a short 2.5 boat ride to dinner tours. For more information please go to the link (below) ...   Lake Tahoe Cruises Cruises & Boat Tours on Lake Tahoe. Book Online and Save. 888-838-8923Boat Tours and Dinner Cruises - Helicopter Flights over Tahoe www.LakeTahoeTours.net And for anyone that may have missed another way to view (Lake Tahoe) here is another link (below) viewing "Lake Tahoe" from a Bird's Eye View ...   Video of Vegas Bob, Nu Nu & Sherry Parasailing ove...
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   "Good Morning" Activerain from "Lake Tahoe" and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful day ...    Please try and have a wonderful day everyone, sometimes Mondays can be a real pain after a great weekend. Let's go out of our way to be nice and understanding, because what we reflect to others will be brought back to us from others.  And there might be people that will go out of their way to get under our skin, but let's just turn to them and smile as if we know their intentions.  This beautiful photograph was taken at "Lake Tahoe" and there is a little sail boat making it's way across the lake with no trouble at all, let's try and make our Monday like this.  "Peace Out"
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 Please don't be angry at me for posting this blog!  I know it's getting colder around the country, even in Las Vegas it was 70 degrees today.  I wanted everyone to use your imagination and place themselves on this little beach on a hot Summer day at Lake Tahoe.  As we get older the months and years start to go by very quickly, so for you to imagine yourself being at Lake Tahoe in the Summer of 2009 is really not that long.  I will be here next Summer playing on the beach of Lake Tahoe. And anyone else that likes what they see can go also play at Lake Tahoe next Summer.  Put your mind to it and make a plan to go, enjoy life a little and you never know who you might bump into.  Maybe even Jason Crouch?  All photographs by: Robert Swetz and copyrighted/ trademarked by Robert Swetz - Any ...
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