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Serving all 50 states nationally - 100 percent USDA Rural Housing Home Loans. Rural Development mortgage. Serving First Time Buyers and existing homeowners throughout the US
Florida FHA mortgage loans are a great choice for many first time home buyers in Gainesville Florida. The Florida FHA mortgage program provides several benefits, keeping in mind the budget difficulties of many homeowners who are considering purchasing their first home. Compared to most traditiona...
Update -  1/10/2015 - New USDA maps will take effect 2/2/2015 -  please see the future eligible  areas here.    USDA Rural Housing was scheduled to change the approved home location map for the USDA guarantee housing loan program this month.  It was announced this week, any map changes have yet a...
So what does it take to get pre-approved for USDA Rural Development loan in Florida? Florida has started revealing indications of home buying recovery. It is really a buyer's market right now and a great time to find out if you are a candidate for a 100% USDA Home mortgage. It’s definitely still ...
  The new USDA Pilot Refinance loan is now available to a huge number of rural home owners in Florida. The new USDA Rural Development Pilot Refinance mortgage will enable Florida’s rural home owners to refinance their mortgage loan into a less expensive interest rate no matter what the mortgage t...
  The new USDA Pilot refinance mortgage program is an easy way for homeowners to save money!  The USDA Rural "Pilot" refinance as it's called is now available to help homeowners (that currently have a USDA mortgage) refinance into the low 30 yr fix rates we see today. The best part is the USDA re...
Florida homeowner that currently have a USDA Rural Housing loan on their house could be eligible to refinance into a lower 30 year fix interest rate. Everyone knows that interest rates are the lowest they have ever been. The USDA loan refinancing program gives existing USDA RD homeowners an excel...
  Florida interest rates have been very low in recent months.  FL homeowners that currently have a Rural Development USDA loan can possibly save hundreds each month with a simple RD Pilot streamline refinance. The RD refinance program is streamline and easy! WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE Rural Developm...
  Some more good news for homeowners that have USDA mortgages -  Residents in 15 additional states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are now eligible for the  USDA Pilot refi program.  Please read the announcement from USDA below. If you are a homeowner located in Florida and have questions abo...
Some great USDA refinance info for any homeowner that currently has a Rural Development USDA mortgage.  Florida homeowners that currently have a USDA mortgage should take a few min to watch. Everyone knows that interest rates are super low right now, it’s a great time to look into a refinance.  
So what does it take to get pre approved for a USDA Rural housing loan ?  It’s actually still pretty easy considering all the changes that have happened in the mortgage market over the past 7 years. Mortgages in 2015 are “back to basics” in most cases.  Long gone are the days of qualifying for a ...

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