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EVEN THE PROBLEMS: Don't let the problems be your excuses to do nothing.  Let them be your motivation to do something POSITIVE, effective, and valuable. When you choose to be dismayed by the problems, you set yourself up to experience ever-growing levels of negativity.  Yet you can just as realis...
  NEVER STOP Never stop caring about the quality of life.Never stop dreaming or give in to strife.Never stop building bridges that lead to promising tomorrows.Never stop trying or give in to sorrows.Never stop smiling and looking forward to each new day.Never forget that all storms ca clear, the ...
RANDOM THOUGHTS             Random Thought #1: Success is an Attitude. We should daily maintain the right kind of attitude to have the success we expect in life.   Random Thought #2: Give of yourself, give of your time. Never forget kids spell love T-I-M-E! We should give our children and grandc...
 Good morning.  Hope you are having a good Monday so far and had a relaxing weekend.  Wanted to pass along Tim's Time Outs: STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN:  Stop...Take a deep breath.  Were you able to do it?  Did it hurt?  BE THANKFUL! Stop....Can you see the screen?  Of course you can or esle you would...
Good morning and a happy Monday to you.  Hope you and your families had a great weekend and your safe and healthy. Wanted to share Tim's Time Outs: TRUTHS FOR LIVING:  The more GENEROUS we are, the more JOYOUS we become.The more COOPERATIVE we are, the more VALUABLE we become.The more ENTHUSIASTI...
Hope this Blog finds you doing well and had a great weekend.  With Fall officially upon us now-a happy Fall wish to you as well.    TIME:  "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.  Don't me trapped by dogma- which is living with the results of other people's thinking. ...
SHINY DISTRACTIONS:  There are lots and lots of superfucial, meaningless distractions all around you in this world.  There is ONLY ONE beautiful, authentic you! It's easy to give in to distractions, to listen to gossip, to be transfixed by celebrity minutiae, or to scroll through endless online p...
 TAKE THE TIME TO LIVE: Life is so much than JUST getting by.  Take the time to truely and richly LIVE. It's great to observe what happens in the world, it's definitely better to play an active, contributing role.  Sure the easiest and most comfortable thing to do is to stay within the confines o...
12 Things to ALWAYS REMEMBER: 1)  The past cannot be changed.2)  Opinions don't define your reality.3)  Everyone's journey is different.4)  Things always get better with time.5)  Judgements are a confession of character.6)  Overthinking will lead to sadness.7)  Happiness is found WITHIN. 8)  Posi...
Good morning, hello there and a happy Monday to you.  Hope you are doing well this Monday and had a awesome weekend.  Wanted to share Tim's Time Outs: SIMPLE FORMULA FOR LIVING: Live beneath your means.Return everything you borrow.Stop blaming other people(even if you think it is their fault!)Adm...

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