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I manage an office at Coldwell Banker Burnet in Minnesota.  Usually, I do a presentation for safety week as a part of our weekly business meeting.  I take the info from the National Association of Realtors, who have really good materials.  This year, I'm also bringing in someone to do a seminar o...
When I started in real estate, I shared an office with another newer agent.  He was very diligent about mailing everyday to expireds.  I, on the other hand, didn't want to spend the money on postage, so I door knocked.  One day, as he was putting postage on a bunch of mailers, I turned to him and...
Fellow rainers,If you are not getting the help and support you need from your office/brokerage, I urge you to take action.  I just met with an agent who is with another company in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  She has been in biz for about 8 months.  She has not had any closings but has been pr...
So, my own home in Minneapolis, MN is on the market (and boy am I a tough client!).  Here is my question: we have birdhouses as caps on all our fence posts (about 30) on our lot.  The bird houses are all white, and are on a picket fence.  They house robins and wrens (and spiders!).  Our neighbors...
As a Realtor, I'm on the road a lot, and in the Twin Cities, we have really good roads.  Usually, I take them for granted, but the bridge collapse just a few miles from my home in Minneapolis puts things in a new light.I cross that bridge all the time, whether for work, or when driving from my ol...
"Oh, Wow, Karmen - this is your house!" I exclaimed as I opened up the door on the last property we were viewing that day.  Now, these are words we're taught in "Realtor school" not to utter.  The sellers and buyers we work for are the only ones who really get to say this...but sometimes, as an a...

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