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Information for people interested in selling or buying Fayetteville NC real estate as well as information on the local Fayetteville NC area such as sports, festivals, and other community interest items
Festival Park - Fayetteville NC real estate, news Wow! it's really heating up, the Museum of Art's plan to build at Festival Park. Folks at the Fayetteville Observer's community advisory board chimed in today about the future of festival park. I haven't seen to many "regular types" that like the ...
Site for Museum of Art to Be Festival Park Yesterday a decision was made to go ahead with construction of the Museum of Art on the Festival Park site. Absent were the voices of Fayetteville NC citizens.  After the huge showing of people at last years Dogwood Festival hosting Hootie and The Blowf...
With the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market came the demise of many loan programs that allowed credit challenged people to qualify for home loans. It's now much harder to qualify for home loans and because of that it's more important than ever to get back to basics regarding the way we han...
While cruising the web today, looking at industry news, generally keeping track of what's happening, I came across an article from  The Chicago Tribune talking about what a lot of us are talking about lately, the mortgage meltdown. The article makes the point that the mortgage industry is being v...
 Known in Fayetteville NC and the surrounding areas as "The Bicycle Man" Moses Mathis is working to reach the next level. Not for his own prosperity but the smile of a child. Mathis' charitable organization the Tiffany Pines Outreach Center is raising funds to upgrade facilities. Mathis' outreach...
"Not So Smart , In an era of easy money, the pros forgot that the party can't last forever" article by NewsWeekNewsweek tears into the players of the mortgage meltdown. Pretty fair from what I read, except that borrower culpability is not mentioned .  Thanks for reading, Ron Allen, Fayetteville N...
Panera Bread Co., a soup and sandwich chain is opening a store in Fayetteville North Caorlina. Fayetteville will one of 5 locations to get new stores in the state. _____________________ The Cumberland County BRAC Taskforce has hired The Republik, an independent business in Durham, N.C., to handle...
A few years ago, while I was taking calls at my office I got a call from a fellow about a home we had advertised. After giving him the information he wanted I asked, "Are thinking of buying a home?" and "Do you have an agent to help you?" The fellow replied, in a not so friendly tone, "I'm gonna...
The Cumberland County Board of Education is buying a 90 acres of land between Strickland Bridge and Gillis Hill roads the plan is to build a new elementary school and possibly a middle school. The full board approved the proposal Tuesday. A new school in the Rockfish community could help ease a s...
Yesterday the Fayetteville City Council approved a resolution to develop a plan to provide drinking water to the citizens in the Sandra Street - Rim Road.  A report is called for in the resolution in 30 days on the funding options for this plan. As I reported in another post, well water off Rim R...

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Information for people interested in selling or buying Fayetteville NC real estate as well as information on the local Fayetteville NC area such as sports, festivals, and other cummunity interest items