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4 life lessons I learned from college wrestling: Lesson Number 2 – Have a short memory. In wrestling, I lost matches. When I lost, I had another match within an hour or so and my coaches would tell me to forget about that last loss. I never entered a tournament with the intent to lose, but when I...
This is definitely one day of the year which means a little bit more. For today, remember those who lost their lives, those who have served and continue to serve and all of those affected on this day 17 years ago. To greater days ahead my friends... #khashtags
5 life lessons I learned from college wrestling: Lesson Number 1 – Push the pace. My goodness, my college coaches used to say that to me so much that I began to think that they did not know any other words in the English language. Years later, I am thankful that they drilled that into my head. Ho...
Even though a lot of my AR friends might not deal with these types of homes, many people do and their are some incredible ones out there. Just for a quick refresher. These homes can be financed using Conventional, VA, USDA and FHA loans. I personally prefer FHA and VA financing on these types of ...
I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Born and raised here. I do loans in 14 states right now (Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, Georgia, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, California and Washington). I spoke to an agent in northern California today who said that she was ama...
 I am so thankful that I wrestled because if I did not, I have no idea where I would be in life. I run my entire business based on the experience and knowledge from the sport of wrestling. I spoke to a friend yesterday and he is about to file for bankruptcy. He said that he felt like a complete l...
“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” – Dan Gable, 1972 Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist. I can read that quote over and over and especially today for me in business, it means even more. Dan Gable is an absolute legend...
“The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment…” – Pema Chadron Think about that statement.  No matter where you are (financially, relationship-wise, whatever), YOU determine your own future. I love the part in that saying of, “…moment to moment.” We have always heard peop...
So what do you really do all day? I had a few conversations this weekend which ultimately centered around one common point – what do you really do all day?? I have become better and better at analyzing my day and re-managing my time. The more that I analyze how I spend my time across a day, the m...
Have a happy Labor Day everyone!!! Get some work in, organize and prepare for the week ahead while enjoying a teenie tiny bit of quiet time!! #khashtags

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