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This is part 2 in my 3 part series, Why Lenders Delay Closings. The question which gets asked all the time is, "Why are we hearing about this now?". Well, this is reason #2. If you missed reason #1, it is in one of my past posts. A question which every single lender asks themselves just before cl...
How many agents were aware that when a borrower goes 90-days delinquent on an FHA loan within the first 24 months AFTER closing, the lender risks losing their FHA license? FHA measures the ratio of loans given to the number of loans which hit 90-days delinquent within the first 2 years of the loa...
It’s Friday!! The weekend is here!! Think of what is ahead of us. A couple of days off. Summer. An entire weekend to kick back and relax or re-organize ourselves and put ourselves in a better position to be successful at work come Monday. With so much ahead of us, think of what we have right now ...
Dealing with stress. Everyone handles stress differently. Some people become paralyzed by it and go into a shell while others stiffen up, stand straighter, walk taller and step up. Every single one of us is going to be faced with obstacles which appear to be overwhelming and impossible to overcom...
Trust the process. I was explaining this to someone who started a new sales job and called me to ask me how to build their book of business. Since I am the king of analogies, I naturally had to liken everything to the sport of wrestling. In wrestling, our coaches told us to do a lot of things whi...
Push the pace. That is something which my college wrestling coaches would say to us all the time – push the pace. It is so embedded in my head. It meant so much and so many things. It is short and sweet, but it was amazing how 3 simple words represented a tidal wave of thoughts. Push the pace. Pu...
Winning breeds winning. Success breeds success. Positivity breeds positivity. Smiles breed smiles. It’s all the truth. It just is. What is my point today? Easy – hang out with people who win, people who are successful, people who are positive and people who smile!! I realize that every moment of ...
I think that the most frustrating part of every transaction is verifying the down payment when it is being gifted or the borrower is getting it from an asset or saving it up across the time of the transaction. First, we must understand WHY we (as lenders) are so picky about verifying it:1) We wan...
Many homeowners who were affected by the crash a decade ago (was it that long ago?) owned homes and filed for bankruptcy.  Here are some bulletpoints on bankruptcy and mortgages: There is no such thing as, "I didn't put my house into my bankruptcy". When you file for bankruptcy, everything is IN ...
Anybody can be average. It is so easy to be average at your job. Average at working out. Average at dieting. Average at everything. ANYone can be average and EVERYone can be average. It’s so easy to come up with excuses. We all have them. Every single one of us has valid, legitimate excuses as to...

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