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I get asked more questions about credit than I do about interest rates. Many times its from someone with a credit issue or perceived credit issue and they're looking for reassurance about their credit. The FHA Mortgage program doesn't have a minimum credit score, instead it looks at the credit hi...
In today's market I see lots of Loan Officers and Realtors who seem to have the mentality of "work with everyone", it might lead to a closing.  They spend their time and energy with "clients" who are high maintenance, marginally qualified, and sometimes just plain disagreeable.  When the deal eit...
Save Money on your Veteran's Administration Loan every month with a "Streamlined Refinance"   No new appraisal required. The VA Streamline Refinance doesn't require a new appraisal, nor does it require proof of income or assets.  It does require that we verify that you're employed, a quick phone ...
I treat each day of work like a sporting event.  It is game day.  I have a morning routine that includes spiritual quiet time and exercise, and that feeds an energy that carries into the day.  I dress for success, I get in a positive mindset and I attack the day with high energy.  When I walk int...
In the Boise area our home values have dropped for the last 2 years.  Some experts are saying our values are at 2001 levels.  This leaves many people feeling that they cannot take advantage of today's low rates.  If you have an existing FHA loan, you are in luck.  FHA Streamline Refinance loans a...
The new Home Valuation Code of Conduct that became de facto law on May 1st has already started to increase the appraisal costs to the borrower.   One of my lenders is now asking for $450 for an appraisal that used to cost $375.  Another one of my lenders, Idaho Housing is asking for a $500 check ...
   Effective May 1st, 2009 the Home Valuation Code of Conduct will be in place for loan that are sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  This new "code" is designed to eliminate influence by loan officers and anyone else who has a vested interest in the value of the home.  What dose this mean?     O...
Just last week, the courts gave prison time and restitution to a builder and  two loan officers who were part of a mortgage fraud scam here in the Treasure Valley.  Two more men, Realtors who had parts in the scam are awaiting sentencing.  To read the story, see:
Details have been surfacing all day about the new mortgage relief efforts under the Home Owner Affordability and Stabilty Plan that was signed into law on February 17th.  So far, It seems to have 2 components: One, "encourage" loan servicers to modify loans where the homeowner has some sort of di...
It seems like everyone is expecting the mortgage markets to drop to 4.5% and anything higher is "just so high".  Whenever we have rates showing 4.5% on  a 30 yr. fixed, it stays there for less than a day and by the time we call everyone in our pipeline, the rate has already moved up.  It makes us...

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Idaho Mortgages, Idaho FHA Mortgages, Idaho Rurual Development Mortgages, Idaho Mortgage News and Current Events