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A warm and heart felt thank you to all the brave men and women who served and died for our freedoms.  There will never be enough words to thank you for what have given us.  We are free today because of the sacrifices you have made.  We should never forget those who served.  Again thank you and an...
Recently we have all read the blogs and the comments about Social Media and its effects on Real Estate.  Comments varied from "Social Media is a sinkhole" to "Social Media is a fad" to "Social Media does not sell homes" and each blog and comment had more than opinion behind it.    The blogs and c...
So you fired your SEO Company and you are glad to be rid of them.  But are they really gone?  You told them several times over the phone and via email that you were done with them and were not going to be retaining their services any longer.  So why does it feel like they are still lurking around...
We all would like to believe that people are honest and we are all very savvy business people.  In fact we all believe that we are way to smart to ever be taken advantage of in business.  Wouldn't it be great if that was the truth? Let me briefly tell you about a client I signed up over the weeke...
Recently we were fortunate enough to sign up a client who has several offices and about 100 agents working for him.   He had been very unhappy with his SEO company and was looking for a change.  It seems that he signed a one year contract and was made all kinds of promises.  Over the course of a ...
Google released their first quarter 2010 earnings report last night and they reported another great quarter.  Google's revenue was up over 23% and their net income was up a whopping 37%. The amazing thing is that Google is sitting on $26.5 billion  in cash or cash equivalents.  
TrendPedia is an interesting blogging tool that I came across recently and I have been playing with it.  Basically it is a blogging search tool that searches for current social media trends.  You can find out if what you are talking about in your blogs is a popular trend right now in blogging.  Y...
Google announced last week that Site Speed is now one of the ranking factors.  According to Google this  will only effect less than one percent of all websites.  In the Google Webmasters tools there is a Site Speed tool that will tell you how fast your site is in comparison to all of the sites th...
In case you have never heard of this place in southern central GA let me tell you a bit abut it.  Wild Adventures is a small Theme and Water Park in Valdosta GA.  It has been described in many of the reviews I read as an upscale Carnival and that description maybe pretty darn close. Wild Adventur...
It was reported today by Efficient Frontier that the Search  Engine Bing increased it's market share by 45 percent over the last year.  Bing increased both its click and spend categorizes for the first time since Microsoft launched Bing almost two years ago.  The spend category increased to 6.5 p...

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