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Last night, the popular discount webhosting company, Bluehost went down.  Down as in everything was turned off – websites went dark, no email.  Sound familiar?  Yes this happens here in ActiveRain as well.  Things happen. They are located in Provo Utah.  Apparently a nearby power transformer exp...
Can you think of a better way to start the most incredible Blogging Conference on the planet? BlogWorld is large enough to attract the heavy hitters like Brian Solis and Chris Brogan - yet small enough to allow you to actually meet and talk to them 2 years ago I was talking to Darren Rowse of Pro...
Cancer I lost my father to Cancer.  I also lost my Grandfather to Cancer and quite a few others in the family tree.  Cancers runs deep in my family. Not to long ago a friend of mine, Joe Ferrara lost his battle to Cancer.  Saturday, I was at the memorial for yet another friend who’s life was als...
I go to a lot of conferences.  it’s a great place to meet new people, start conversations and solidify relationships.  There’s always a lot of networking involved and I always come home with gaggles of business cards.  We all do right? When someone hands you their business card, you reciprocate ...
Actually no.  People don't go to Facebook to search for homes.   What it does do is open that door to start the conversation.  That conversation leads to a potential relationship and that’s where the deals are really closed. I was just reminded of this on the spot interview I did at Inman Connec...
Why not start out with a party?  In this case, the pre event party which was held at Bahama Breeze – a local restaurant with a great patio.  While the steel drum band played, we laughed, we hugged, we met new friends as well as old friends.  if you are coming to an REBC one of the best things yo...
I get a few Facebook LIKE Page Requests daily.  You know the ones… “Your friend, Joe Schmoe liked Joe Schmoe, Social Media Ninja on Facebook and suggested you like it too.” When I say I get a few, I get quite a few!  They come in to my email inbox and go directly to a special folder.  I typicall...
Even with the announcement of Facebook Places I’m still quite fond of Foursquare.  It’s not being the mayor, it’s not the badges, it’s the way I can connect with peeps on a different level.  That said, one of the cool things I like about the network is the way they catalogue your accomplishments...
I'm bringing this one back just because I really like what Gary says. From Seth Godin’s blog here’s Gary V… Linchpin: GaryVee from Seth Godin on Vimeo. What do I do? I build Custom Facebook Tabs for Business. Two of them – one for Visitor to LIKE Conversion and the other for Engagegment. That’s m...
Finding my Page on Facebook is easy.  I’m at facebook.com/MikeMuellerConsulting How do you get your own cool URL?  First step get your page going… If you haven’t already, go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php Here’s the new Create a Page screen (as of April 1st) Next add content, an ava...

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