California Water Crisis, Where are We Wasting? This infographic shows where we might be wasting water and gives us tips on how to save. This tip brought to you by your local Corona real estate agent.  
What Are the Average Home Prices in California? With the market seemingly leveling off, the average prices have put buyers in a better sense of what they can afford. As real estate cycles go we are still in a good time to purchase a home. The rise in home prices has settle from 20%-40% to around ...
Lake Hills Reserve Home Market Update for January-March 2014. Lake Hills Reserve is a community of homes overlooking Lake Mathews in Riverside. It is a area located high in the hills featuring specatacualr views. The market seems to be stable in this very desirable area. Homes are staying a littl...
Recently there was a article on Yahoo that talked about a man who successfully sold his home on his own. As a Realtor I agree that you can sell your home without the help of real estate professional. In fact before I became a real estate agent I sold my home on my own.  Interesting thing about th...
Top 10 Reasons to be Optimistic About the Housing Market As we continue into the new year there are many things happening in the real estate market that is positive. The list below are just 10 reasons buyers and sellers can be optimistic about the current real estate market. There is no doubt tha...
Recently my distressed homeowner was given the option of doing a Deed In Lieu from her bank. It sounded like a good option but is it? The better the distressed homeowner knows the better decision they can make and that is why I appreciate David Monroe explanation. One thing you also need to keep ...
HOT MARKET in Corona at the Butterfield Estates. These homes are manufactured homes where the market has been climbing for the last six months. This area just jumped from $115,000 sold in November 2013 to one closed sale in January 2014 for over $157,500. One home is taking back up offers at $199...
SOLD Riverside Home on 4632 Tomlinson Ave. Listed for $245,900 and SOLD for TOP DOLLAR at $255,000 in Just 14 Days! The Real Estate Market has been hot in this area of Riverside. If you need help finding a home or if your thinking about selling we can help.     Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.
TOP 5 Reasons Why You Need A REALTOR® Choosing a great buyers agent is important as our Top 5 Reasons show. The price is always negotiable no matter what anyone says. Also a good buyers agent wants to make sure you are paying a fair price so he will do his homework and find out what the market is...
  For most buyers they might think finding a home is the first step.Well, the first step is getting financing to purchase the home if your not buying it cash This is a very good explanation from Rosie Moore to what is needed when your trying to get an approval. It give you all the players in loan...

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