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                                                                         Funny Ski Videos, Ski Utah Dust off those skis, get those legs in shape, try on the ski suit and lets have some fun!! And if you decide to stay awhile we'll sell you your own mountain bugalow.  So what are you waiting for st...
Market Report for Salt Lake City 10/8 -10/15 RESIDENTIAL: Salt Lake City Residential  active listings - 105 Salt Lake City Residential   Under contract  - 75 Salt Lake City Residential   Off Market - 7 Salt Lake City Residential  Expired  - 62 Salt Lake City Residential  Sold  - 29 Total Active l...
WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!   Pet adoption of a different kind! My daughter's new puppy Luna and my sweet Booker took to each other immediately.  I think they adopted each other, what do you think?   Luna hopped right in, she has her own bed but nothing like snuggling     Lights Out!   Tuckered out!     ...
UTAH SKIING, PIECE OF PARADISE As the weather starts to tease those of us that await the white fluff I thought a bit of cliff skiing was in order to get the juices flowing....yeh, ha!!! Salt Lake City dust off those skies and start tuning up the shredders ski season is almost here!
It's a great time for Commercial Real Estate in Salt Lake City   If you are looking to buy Commercial real estate in Salt Lake City now is the time!! Utah's economy will recover better than most, businesses are still moving in to Utah, approximately 30 restaurants have opened just this month in S...
MOUNTAIN RESORT UPDATES Weather, Snow Reports and Vacation Properties     All Resort Snow Report  for Northern Utah Ski  shows 0 inches of snow as of10/ 13/2009  Northern Utah  Weather Reports Currently 58 degrees and windy. Park City and Deer Valley Moutain Resort Property Report for the last 30...
Happy Columbus Day and then some! Fall in Utah spells UEA  (Utah ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATION), Columbus Day and The Opening of the Utah Hunting Season, they all come together for an Unwritten State Holiday!!  Oh, and not to mention, the colleges beging Fall Break here in Utah, Salt Lake City. Hummm,...
Speechless Sunday!! If you are looking for a great place to live come visit us in Salt Lake City, Utah. the $8,000 Gift from the Government is about End, don't wait and call today! Let me help you find that right Home ! Call me DebbieAldrich  801-870-0606 The government is paying you to buy a hom...
Get Started on a New way of living! Prices have never been better and you can own your own Ski In Ski Out Retreat! Great time to buy that vacation property....ever thought of owning your own ski in ski out chalet, condo or vacation Home, prices could never be better in and around Salt Lake County...
Freaky Friday Now that would be an interesting Listng, but I don't think its for sale! This was to funny to not share. 

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