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Southern Utah Great time of year to Go!                                                                  SOUTHERN UTAH HOT AIR BALLOONING Beautiful Southern Utah. Hot Air Ballooning another great thing to do in Utah. Let the Adventures Begin!!!  
Cambridge Court Professional Office Space MLS # 921388 Location, Location, Location, Great Commercial Office lease on 5005 S. 900 E. at Cambridge Court. If you are looking for a great office space to set up your business look no further, Cambridge Court has all the pluses in Salt Lake City Commer...
Salt Lake City Market Watch Report 10/15 - 10/22 Residential Single Family Homes in Salt lake City 10/15 - 10/22: Salt Lake City Market Report for Active listings - 103 Salt Lake City Market Report for Under contracts - 59 Salt Lake City Market Report for for expireds - 49 Salt Lake City Market R...
 Don't Wait!!! Get your Batteries ready, time to change those smoke detectors and Time to get an   extra hour of sleep!!  I so look forward to Daylight savings in the fall, I love a little extra hour to  snozzzzzzze.                                                                                 ...
Relocating to Salt Lake City? If you are planning on relocating to Salt Lake City and buy real estate in Salt Lake city I have News you can use.  If you are looking for a hard working agent that gives 110% then Debbie Aldrich is ready to get you started.  Finding an agent in Salt Lake City can be...
 October in Salt Lake City Follow the Yellow Brick Road, follow the yellow Brick Road, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow Brick Road.......all the way to Salt Lake City. During the month of October in Salt lake City we think of corn mazes and Jack -o-Lanterns, costumes and fall fes...
First Time Home Buyers Wake Up and read this important blog by Ryan Shaughnessy of St. Louis, he did the wrok for us.  It clearly shows other states are taking advantage of the $8,000. the Government is giving you to buy a Home, do you want to be one of the ones that misses out?  Call today and ...
Sunday in Salt Lake City Sunday in Salt Lake City for me has always been a time to spend with family, friends, my God and reflecting on how the week went and how the coming week can be better!!  I always want to be my best, continue to evolve in that direction by learning more, listening more to ...
Out like a Blaze of Glory!! Fall 2009 in Salt Lake City via my blackberry   Just when we thought it was over in Salt Lake City, about a week ago mother nature gaves us an enncore!  It seems the colors intensified and the whole valley burst in to color and blue skys in Salt Lake City.  Normaly by ...
Ryan Shaughnessy of St. Louis  wrote a great blog on what a historically great time it is to buy particularly for First Time home Buyers.  This is a must read for anyone thinking of purchasing a home in the near future. There is no time like the present, we don't know what tomorrow brings but whe...

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