Seems like negative interest rates may be coming our way.Don't forget to duck - here is why:
 Foreign holdings of US Treasury bonds
So what does this have to do with real estate?More than half of the U.S. spending is funded through the issuances of Treasury Bonds.Because there has been great demand for these bonds, (and the Fed's Quantitative Easing Program where the Fed bought about $2.6 Trillion of them) interest rates have...
PayPal announced today the suspension of its service that allows Puerto Ricans to send money from the island to points abroad (including the United States)Details here:PayPal to suspend Puerto Rican service   Anyone impacted by this? 
Welcome to the Cashless Society.Part 2In Part I of “Welcome To the Cashless Society – There is No War on Cash“, we noted that proponents of a cashless society tout convenience as a selling feature. Paraphrasing Ben Franklin we noted:‘Those who would give up liberty for convenience, deserve neithe...
Lower Yuan = More Yuan-based TransactionsA lower Yuan may make it a less attractive place to park reserves. The Yuan, currently however, is not a reserve currency but an increasingly transactional one. A lower Yuan means Chinese goods will become cheaper and trading partners should see an increas...
There are a series of government and bank led initiatives designed to remove cash from your pockets and wallets.Cash Is InconvenientCentral planners favor a cashless society ostensibly, for our own benefit. Cash, they argue, like “truth’, is inconvenient.Ban Open Carry Cash?What if you are not al...
For the past few years the media has trumpted a housing “recovery”. In the “False Housing Recovery of 2013” (and again in 2015), we noted that the recovery in housing was in price alone.The home ownership rate continues to plummet.New home sales and existing home sales remain far below 2005 level...
 Loss of Trust in Markets The general public and Wall Street believe that there is a recovery and the economy is doing well. Recently, however, some obvious signs of cracks in the story have emerged.This week’s podcast reviews the market distortions on display across the globe.
For the past few years housing prices have skyrocketed in the Bay Area. Much of the growth has come from housing demand fueled by employees working at Venture Capital Funded unprofitable companies. Many of these companies have hit it rich and gone public.Start up company money has driven housing ...

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