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If you are falling behind on your monthly mortgage payments a loan modification agreement may be just what you need to get yourself back on track and avoid foreclosure.  A loan modification agreement will modify the terms of your mortgage loan by lowering the interest rate, extending the length o...
Just when I thought I was all out of options, and truly believed that I was going to lose my home to foreclosure, I came across Your Basic Guide to Do-it-Yourself Loan Modification. I had contacted several loan modification companies however; their dues were the same cost as my monthly mortgage p...
Many people today have loans for various reasons from a mortgage to buy a home, to personal or business loans. Such loans are normally paid back at a set amount each month for a fixed term and when this term ends the loan ends as the loan amount plus any interest has been paid back in full. There...
When stuck in a financial chaos, many people wonder how successful a do-it-yourself loan modification procedure would be. Though, such anxieties are quite baseless since the National Association of Mortgage Bankers report that loan modification requests submitted by homeowners have an sanction ra...

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