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No matter where you are in the Lifetime Home Cycle:first time buyer, investment or move up buyer, or ready for your FOREVER home, the LifetimeLender Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage is here to guide you every step of the way.
Many of you have seen Donna's picture, read her blog, and even been regular commenters on her posts. Her husband, Rich, told me today there have been many emails sent to Donna from her friends at AR asking where she was and was she okay because she hasn't been blogging. So, with his permission, I...
How to drive business from Facebook Fan Pages The following three steps should be helpful if you have been wondering how to drive business from Facebook Fan Pages. 1) Learn it. 2) Implement it. 3) Most importantly: Teach it! To other businesses that can ultimately grow YOUR BUSINESS! So, first le...
If any of you follow Craig Rutman, you know he is quite the character. You never know what to expect from him next. But I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to reblog this post he recently made. I tried it out and was amazed! It really puts the world of social media relationships into perspect...
Costa Rica Land for Sale Unbelieveable values for land for sale in Costa Rica. We have a son that has lived there for 17 years and loves it! Look at this post for an example of land for sale - views, acreage, did I say views???!!! Click Costa Rica Land For Sale to get a white list from these age...
I am currently in a meeting, and a contest started about 2 hours ago to see who could get the most comments on Facebook, AR, or an outside blog! So you are wondering if it started two hours ago, why am I just now posting this? Because it was announced right before I was scheduled to do a training...
Mortgage Girlfriends Retreat in Chicago One exhausting day of discussing and sharing one idea after another is exactly what the Mortgage Girlfriends Retreatis all about. This was my second year attending a Mortgage Girlfriends Retreat organized and hosted by the mortgage diva herself, Karen Deis!...
I just had to repost this from Michael. I guess I never paid attention to how frightening some of the Easter bunny costumes can be! No wonder so many of these kids are crying in these pictures!!  Thanks to Jack Radio, here are some of the Worst Easter Bunnies Ever!!   These bunnies give me the cr...
Couldn't help it! Had to share this!! We locked the doors to keep the dogs out of the main area because we were afraid this might happen. And it worked!! I woke up this morning to the screaming (of DELIGHT, I might add) of the 3 youngest of our grandchildren as they scurried around finding eggs ...
GIRLFRIENDS MASTERMIND RETREAT COMING IN MAY! Do you ever feel that a day or two in a crowded room is not what you need to find your way through the tangled web of social media? Have you ever wanted to just spend a couple of days in a smaller "work shop" environment? If so, you need to know about...
Several of our Denver office employees have recently decided to take on the challenge of trying to understand social media. Our operations manager, Sharon Shunk, entitled her first blog, "What does Social Media and Starbucks Have in Common". It was a great analogy that stayed with me for a couple...

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