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RECENT BLOG POSTS I am continuing my series of highlighting Vancouver independent business in neighbourhoods with real estate for sale. As a Realtor I often get jabs, pokes and constructive feedback regarding my facial hair from clients, peers and friends. It seems people assume that ...
    Is the economy of the US about to collapse due to the real estate crisis? These are scary times as I watch not just as a Realtor but as Canadian will the US bailout happen? How will the bailout affect the US economy and real estate? How will it affect Canada and real estate here?
I was asked "Why is it considered a bad thing when real estate prices go down? Isn't it just a bad thing for sellers?". Yes and no. In isolation the answer is yes. In the context of the overall economy the answer is no. Watch the video to see the reasons why.
In Vancouver and the Lower Mainland we tend notice our rain and grey days far more than the beautiful weather. Yet we are having an awesome September and as you can see in the video just yesterday we were enjoying time on the patio. You can find some fabulous patios and outdoor living attached t...
Update - A viewer pointed out that to complete search as suggested in the video is possible to do. I had not intended to include 'in Kits' but it 'slipped out' as I had been dealing with the topic of Kits properties earlier in the day. My apologies for this, however my stance on the usability of...
Ever avoided calling a phone number because you had no interest in speaking to a sales person? I use a solution that allows the buyer and seller to be accommodated without anyone having to speak to the Realtor until they know the property is truly of interest. The alternative, if they don't call...
Act Fast? I doubt it...your listing has been on the market for a 120 days. What is with Realtors who cannot, will not or just plain do not update the property descriptions in their MLS listings. I love coming across a listing that says 'Act Fast', 'Better Hurry', 'Seller Motivated' and the prope...
If you have young children and are looking to purchase a condo or townhouse one amenity you may want to consider looking for is a playground in a secure courtyard. As you see in this vlog we can pop outside for fifteen or twenty minutes of outside play time without having to leave the property. ...
I spent some time at my Grandmother's helping get her house ready for sale. What an amazing amount of work it is prepping an older home for sale. The two 'easier' actions you can take are painting the interior and pressure washing the exterior areas. These are two tasks that will drastically imp...
    Selling your home privately comes with challenges that you may not be ready for. In this vlog I discuss the difficulty of negotiating as a private seller directly with the buyer and how that may be difficult. People become very attached to certain things in their life and no doubt money and ...

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