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Surprise!  Same house style, same updates and maintenance, and on the same street, but one house sold for $25,000 less than the other.  How does that happen?  It might surprise you to discover that one poorly kept home on a street can adversely affect the price of all the homes on the street.  Or...
Anytime I title a blog "__ in Texas" I feel like I should begin with, "Howdy." But it's not Toy Story, it's a real estate blog. So speaking of real estate in Texas this summer, here are some home buyer tips and trends, especially when making a purchase offer, that are relevant to the hot DFW Kell...
Never having been a name-brand girl, People Magazine reader, "be cool" "rock star" enthusiast a lot of folks are, titles and names alone are not what impress me. Never have. It's the work for that accomplishment, the accumulation of brains, creative genius that go with notoriety that are impressi...
Sounds like a Metroplex dating service, but it's not! It's Meetups to network about the hot 2013 DFW summer real estate market -- how are industry pros managing to survive it!? We can try to appreciate these 100+ temperature days showing vacant Texas houses sometimes with no AC on or we can enjoy...
One of the reasons I like real estate as a career is it's like a cloud, forming and changing and disappearing and re-forming again constantly. I love the ebbs and flows and changes. Every listing appointment has the same basic outline, no matter how fancy or informal the presentation, it should a...
Open House! Sunday 8/4/13 from 2-4pm! GREAT 3-2-2 with landscaping, open layout, pristine condition!  
Once upon a time a client fell in love with a house. But then they discovered it was already under contract! So sweet buyer looked at other homes and would you believe it? They fell in love with another home! Then the first home they wanted came back on the market again...   OH NO! This happened ...
With a friend divorcee. She said to me, "So... What's up with your football schedule magnet on my ex's frig?" Ummm.... Is this a trick question? "Donno. Ask the X?!" More on that one later... OK... I admit it. I haven't done much in the way of print ads in a while. And I also admit it. I can't te...
When I take on a client I generally ask them how they like to communicate - in person, email, text, phone calls, and what times of day, what's their schedule like? Usually I don't really have to ask the question. The answer is already apparent. They have already used their tools on me and I know ...
It's hot at Ueckert Realty for more reasons than one... great 4th of July celebration planned and one closing after the other on the books for this week! And I need to clean my baseboards. But I digress... Today a young lady closes on the sell of her house who has wanted to sell for sometime now...

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