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                        I was inspecting a crawlspace of a home in an older neighborhood and while I was crawling around under the bathroom area, I kept feeling something strange under my body......not exactly dirt or a liquid but slippery. To my surprise as I shined my flashlight around me, I r...
As time goes by, I'm seeing more and more of the energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs installed in the homes I inspect. The prices have been steadily dropping on these bulbs to around $3.00 -$4.00 each at the large supercenters and big box hardware stores. But I see many cases where these are ...
 Been noticing all the trees with the webs lately? In the Dallas / Worth area, they thrive mostly in the pecan trees. They are called webworms, latin name Hyphantria cunea.These inch-long green or yellow caterpillars, bristling with silky hairs, are actually moth larvae. In summer and early autum...
As a professional home inspector, I see so many homes with problems that could have been avoided with simple home maintenance. Not sure what to look for when determining what items need attention? Why not consider hiring a home inspector to evaluate your home for necessary maintenance tasks? Wha...

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