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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.
As you may be aware, we have had a couple fires in the Wenatchee area in last couple weeks. Fortunately, thanks to the fast action of the local fire fighters with help from State and Federal too and lots of air drops (5 planes on the current fire) NO HOMES have been lost so far. This paticular fi...
One of the great things about a career in real estate is everyone has their own business model and many times they can be vastly different. For example we have all seen or heard of business that cater to Luxury properties, of vacation properties or even horses. I know of an agent in a nearby city...
March 17th a great day!Not only is it St Patrick's Day but two more weeks and we will be at the end of the first quarter of the year! A time to glance back over the last three months and evaluate how we are doing! Match our actual results against our budgeted results. Our budget is our map. Witho...
Here is a video from this weekend and an open we did on some lots in Palisades (Moses Coulee). They are about 20 min from Wenatchee and Quincy. There are 4 lots all 5+ acres, all with irrigation water. Fiber and electric is at the line. They all front Douglas Creek. Take a look
in 1962 I had my first venture into business. I leased a peach orchard for two years. Didn't have a clue... just grow em and sell em as the world beat a path to my door. Well I did make a little money so not a failure but I learned...and still am.So with 60 years in different forms of business I ...
This is BS (Before the thought clients and others might enjoy seeing what happens on a day in the life of a local REALTOR. This video, complete with the going back to the beginning in my car because I forgot to get the shsots the first time, is a small, very small insight. People oft...
 Always enjoy Christmas. This year even more so as it means 2020 is almost in the record books... and abou time!Most of my shopping is done but with the shut down our state has imposed it will be pretty quiet. Normaly, we would have friends over a couple times and celebrate. This year, though we ...
2020 will be another year for the record books! The demand is there. People have more money o spend. Rates are low. The only missing part is inventory needs to break out. Inventory is crucial. In our area #NorthCentralWashington prices were good last year but with a lack of invventory to pick fro...
1970 I was just out of the Army as a Captain and had returned home. I had a job (not related to real estate) and as I went to work the first day, I got off of the elevator and there was a little man, big booming voice, great smile, bald head and standing at attention, snapping a salute "I just wa...
Who knows and frankly who cares?My point is we seem to all get caught up about will it be a good year or if a bad year what to do? I guess there is some benefit in that. But, frankly, just relax and go with the flow. No matter if the market is good, bad or indifferent there will ALWAYS be people ...

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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.