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The Internet is an incredible resource for real-estate and mortgage professionals but keeping up with an always-evolving online world can be a challenge. Sometimes the lingo alone can stand between successfully implementing a social-media strategy and being overwhelmed by widgets, avatars, and h...
  Chances are, you’ve heard all about the benefits of keeping a business blog. You likely wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t looking to start a blog or build upon an already existing blog. So let’s get right to it. Here are a few tips, thoughts, and ideas that should help you attract readers...
            As of July 2010, Facebook had more than 500 million active users. So if you’re among those who still don’t believe they need to incorporate social media into their networking strategy, ask yourself how many people you’re reaching with your current marketing approach. If the number is ...
Active Rain is the largest and most active social networking site for real-estate professionals. As such, it’s a perfect place to begin refining your online efforts. Use the tips below to maximize your profile or, if all else fails, grab some ideas from the nearly 200,000 profiles currently regi...
  LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site, has registered more than 70 million users in just seven years and a new member signs up approximately every second. Which is to say, if Twitter and Facebook haven’t enticed you into using social media to network and market your services, ...
  Now that you’ve set up a Twitter page, you’re likely wondering how long it’ll be before a flood of followers are hanging on your every tweet. You’ve heard that businesses were using Twitter to attract clients and customers but your page hasn’t generated a single comment, let alone a legitimate...

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