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  For many Americans, Australia isn't synonymous with real estate roller coasters. But the land Down Under's largest city is on the cusp of a major price correction.Australia is about the size of the United States by land, but has only a tenth of the population of America. That's left large swath...
Market Overview A prime real estate market, foreign property investment in Australia offers investors a unique opportunity to enter a growing market that promises a good return on investment. Australia is roughly the size of the United States but has only a tenth of the population. This means lot...
 When the real estate market is hot, hot, hot, homebuyers may be so thrilled to make a winning bid on a home they view as “perfect,” they fail to do background checks. Are we talking investigating suspicious people? Not really—but a real estate inspection conducted by a trained professional who k...
 Depending on the state the person interested in becoming a real estate agent lives in, there will be slightly altered paths they will need to take. After understanding the requirements for the specific state they live in, they will need to complete real estate courses online. Unfortunately, fees...
A successful real estate agent does an excellent job of combining experience, education, research and people skills. Getting into the industry is fairly easy, but you need to figure out how put all of your skills to work for you. Fortunately, there are tons of real estate training college classes...
OverviewReal estate is one of the most important industries in the United States economy. No other sector of the economy affects so many people. There are trillions of dollars of wealth in the United States tied up in the real estate market. Every year, millions of people spend billions of dollar...

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