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    Asheville Real Estate Journal   "Boomers" Chris and Chris, partners on their Post-50 adventure,  wanted “something small” and on one level- “Chris has iffy knees,” they told me. And they wanted to downsize from their large home on the west coast.  They were looking at the options and already ...
    Learning: Who is that woman who asks such insightful questions in class? Who is that man with the infectious laugh? It's that person who values a fresh perspective. It's that person who loves the idea of staying engaged- especially with others who are curious.   Learning about the perfect AS...
"Where the weather is okay this year the Democrats won't necessarily get a bump -- they just won't have to deal with the drag on turnout," said , business weather expert at The Weather Channel...”   ( Interestingly, the good news seems to be that “bad weather's impact on the electora...
  AGING IN A PALACE and Inevitable Life Course Transitions- Putting yourself on a kind track  means change. Right? And many important decisions. One of the most important decisions to make is where you choose to live. And it dawns on you that planning for AT LAST Homes where accessible, universa...
AGING IN A PALACE : Life-course transitions mean change and many decisions to make. For those who are 50 and older, planning to add universal design elements to feather a nest can not only be wise, but can  make aging-in-place a masterfully-designed adventure. You can plan for  an AT LAST Home  w...
Part 1 "Boomers and Aging in Place"   AGING IN A PALACE : Do you have a friend or relative who might feel more comfortable visiting you if your home were more accessible? We do. And we know that there is much to be said for a comfortable home that makes sense for you, your family and friends.  I...
Let's Get Creative-Housing, Asheville Style  A 2014 report from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and the AARP Foundation  says,   “While there are significant challenges ahead, the potential is there for older adults to have a higher quality of life than ever before, and for communiti...
  Asheville in the Mountains-  Here is a sweet spot for  quality of life  where the   mountain sentinels (see photo) and waterfalls are natures colorful expression of welcome,  and there is that sense of place that forgives the often daily reminders of very harsh realities.                      ...
Just today we read an article about the intriguing subject of pocket neighborhoods. As you will might already know, this is s a subject of on-going conversation here in Asheville,N.C.   As we talk about and consider community culture -  ecovillages, co-housing developments,  naturally occurring ...
      Asheville Home Decisions: Putting yourself on a kind track when it comes to a "For Ever" Home - one where you choose to live for the long term-  can mean change. Where you choose to live topics are bound to come up ion conversations with family and friends. You may talk about topics such as...


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